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Register now for the 2 - Day Holistic Management Field Seminar for Leaders to be held at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management, Victoria Falls

Date: 4-5 May 2015 

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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe



The Africa Centre for Holistic Management (ACHM) enhances food and water security and human livelihoods through training that utilizes livestock to restore degraded watersheds and croplands to health. We are headquartered at Dimbangombe Ranch, which serves as a learning site for those assisting communal and emerging commercial farmers, demonstrating: 

  • How to restore water catchments and river flow through holistic planned grazing
  • How to increase forage, wildlife, and livestock production through holistic planned grazing
  • Predator-friendly livestock production, utilizing herding teams and lion-proof kraals
  • The use of concentrated animal impact to increase crop yields, restore degraded pieces of land and to create firebreaks
  • Low-stress animal handling and herding techniques

If you are visiting our site because any of these things concern you:

  • Disappearing wildlife
  • Poverty
  • Endless droughts
  • Drying rivers
  • Food aid programs that never end


Then be sure and read our  River Restoration story to see what is truly possible.